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  • Your Result: The mysterious one 83%

    resultNo one really sees you around much, and it's rarely ever that someone knows something about you. It's hard for people to grasp your entire being and character. Stick to who you are and your light will shine through the shadows. Your strong colors include: Navy Blue Orange Pebble


  • The mysterious type of person,so true. I am very much of a loner but like it that way. I hate most people I find them very abusive and triggering alot so I usually avoid them. I also am into alot of different things than others like the paranormal activity alot. Cool quiz anyways mate.

  • I hope you enjoyed this quiz. I did work for a while on the result but if they're not accurate, don't sweat it. It's a mistake in the system-not you.

  • OMG, THIS IS SOOOOO RIGHT!! I got the crazy one and my friends do call me crazy XD well, awesome quiz :P


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