Which kind of Bigfoot are you?

Bigfoot is an increasingly interesting topic these days. It only seems fitting to have a survey about them. Take this quiz to find out what type of Bigfoot you were meant to be!

Did YOU know that there are different kinds of Bigfoots? Have YOU ever wondered what kind of Bigfoot YOU would be? Thanks to this great quiz, you will now be able to find out which type you truly are and find your inner squatch!

Created by: McCanon2424
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  1. Which food do you pick out of these?
  2. Rap or Country?
  3. You see some humans stepping on your turf...what do you do?
  4. Favorite Hobby?
  5. You see a hunter's trail cam...what do you do?
  6. What's your favorite noise to make?
  7. Add the amount of times you brush your teeth to the number of times you shower per day. What's your number?
  8. Pines or Open Woods?
  9. There's a tree blocking your way to your cave...what do you do?
  10. Do you get mad easily?

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Quiz topic: Which kind of Bigfoot am I?