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What if? The question every parent hates and every kid loves to ask. They're the kinds of questions that make sense to the person asking them but cause others to shudder from the overall weirdness of them.

No Italian food, animals,hippies or rather jolly snowmen were harmed in the making of this quiz. None of the teaching should actually be told to young kindergartners and for God's sake don't get the idea to vote Bigfoot into office. Enjoy...

Created by: Jack Attack 1995

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  1. What if the world was just a big round meatball with bits of parsley and water droplets stuck to it?
  2. What if that piece of paper next to you burst into flames?
  3. What if your dog was a secret agent named Waldonistrificus?
  4. What if you are riding your bike when the turkey attacks you?
  5. What if you are in your car during the hippie uproar?
  6. What if Bigfoot was President?
  7. What if Frosty and Heat Miser got into a fight?
  8. What if red was green, green was blue, blue was yellow and yellow was red…?
  9. What if the moon was actually made of fruitcake?
  10. What if kindergarteners were taught that red means go, green means stop and yellow doesn’t matter either way?
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