Does She Love Me?

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There are many people who fall in love, but the question you are constantly asking is does she like me back? This quiz will help you to determine whether she loves you are hates you.

Do you think she loves you, or is she just nice to you because you are her boss? Find out in this amazing quiz, over 6000 people have taken this quiz and had 100% truthful results.

Created by: Julie

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  1. Does she ever stare at you for long amounts of time?
  2. Does she ever copy any movements you make or any words you say
  3. Does she ever try to play sports with you and your guy friends?
  4. Does she ever stand near you or flirt with you a lot?
  5. Does she ever gossip about girls that you hang out a lot with, especially your past girlfriends?
  6. Does she ever try to find out stuff about you from your friends?
  7. Does she wear a ton of make up or perfume around you.
  8. Does she ever go out of her way to help you with something?
  9. Does she giggle whenever you walk by.
  10. Does she ever steel any of your belongings, such as hats or sports equipment?
  11. Does she wear your favorite color a lot?

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