Who is your godly parent? ( Minor gods also)

This test will ask some questions you may not find relevant, but they will tell you who your godly parent would be. ARE YOU READY TO FIN OUT WHO YOUR GODLY PARENT IS?

Well, get ready to answer 12 question which will answer this question. The option are: Zeus, lord of the sky Hera: mistress of marriage Poseidon: god of the seas Demeter: goddess of crops Hades: lord of the underworld Hestia: goddess of warmth Eros: god of love Nemesis: goddess of revenge Chronos: Lorre of time Nyx: goddess of night

Created by: Jabba
  1. Is your parent female or male?
  2. If you are cold in the middle of the night?
  3. In the beach...
  4. Does promise no promises make sense
  5. Fave song out of these?
  6. Choose the most appealing word. No looking up in the Internet
  7. Tic
  8. Kindness is free
  9. Just because my path is different...
  10. You are amazing

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Quiz topic: Who is my godly parent? ( Minor gods also)