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  • Stop being so mean to Kevin!!! He's just as awesome as the other Jonas Brothers. And he's not a rotten banana!!!!!! They're all equally HOT and TALENTED and without him, it would kinda suck.

    DJ Chic La Freak
  • ok wow harsh much, just to let you know kevin jonas is an amazing guy, and just because you like one of his younger brothers, and youll never have a chance, doesnt mean you have to take it out on kevin by trashing him on the internet. Even though im not really a huge jonas fan but kevins a really sweet and funny guy, and if you dont think hes sweet and funny then there must be somthing wrong with you.

  • Okay, I do NOT appreciate the description for Kevin! He is sweet and amazingly talented, and I would be super happy with him. He's not an extra. You B I T C H!!!!!!!!!! From my friend and I. oh this is her friend. You are a stupid lifless whore who really needs to get a life!!!!!!!!!!

    the end

  • what the hell is your problem you see he holds the band together even nick and joe say that and nick and joe woulnt even give u the time of the day if they knew u wrote this...the best things come in threes and believe me nick and joe would completely ignore you if they knew who u were u a-hole. do the guys a favour and dont bother calling yourself a "true" fan it just makes the rest of us look bad. if you dont like kevin or understand his improtance then u cant love or no the importance of the other two. you should b ashamed of yourself.

  • WTF!!!!!!!! with out kevin in da band the jo bros will be nothin, they r all equal in talent!!!!!!!!!!!!! And wut do u no bout havin date wit kevin, like you'll evr have a date with any of the jo bros, so u can just put a sock in it, and to wres0316as i totally agree u go girl friend!!!

    KEVIN ROX MY SOX!!!!!!!!

  • wow you people really need 2 get over yerselves cuz all three of the jonas brothers are sexyy and talented!

    they all work hard, they all should be treated the same.

    just cuz u dont like 1 or 2 of em that dont mean that u should trash them like some of you are. wow people grow the hell up!

    peace lovee jonas<3

  • I Love guys that aren't afraid to be goofy every once in a while. CAUSE THATS H.O.T.T HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!


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