Which Jonas Brother is Right for You

We all know the Jonas Brothers from there gorgeous voices and video appearances on Disney Channel. Did you ever wonder who might be your match? They're all super cute [with the exception of one] and can wow us with they're fantabulous voices and good looks. <3

WHICH ONE IS RIGHT FOR YOU? Is it Kevin, Joe, or Nick? I guess you'll have to take my quiz to find out...Who knows, maybe this quiz will even lead you into finding your next hubby or bf, cuz my quiz is just that amazingg. :]

Created by: cassidy
  1. Whats your idea of the perfect date?
  2. What is your idea of the perfect guy?
  3. What's the biggest turn on?
  4. What animal is your favorite?
  5. What color are you attracted to the most?
  6. Who do you like the most out of the following:
  7. What pick-up phrase is the sexiest?
  8. What do you not like in a guy?
  9. What feature do u like in a guy?
  10. What food do you like the best?
  11. What do u find the most charming?
  12. What drink do you like the most?
  13. finally... what celebrity do you have the biggest crush on?

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