Nick J Is Off The Chain Quiz

There are many people who consider themselves a Nick Jonas fan. Are you one of the few who can make it into the Hall of Fame. Do you consider yourself one of his biggest fans? Find out now!

Do you have what it takes to make it into the Jonas Brothers Hall of Fame? Can you make it all the way and get a perfect score. Try now and see if you are a Nick Jonas Knowledge Champion or are you a Nick Jonas Knowledge Chump... Try to Find OUT!

Created by: Ashley
  1. When was Nick born?
  2. What is Nick's middle name?
  3. Where was Nick born?
  4. What is Nick's favorite color?
  5. True or False? Nick is the "boss" of the band.
  6. True or False: Nick's hair used to be straight.
  7. Where is Nick's most ticklish spot?
  8. What is Nick's role in the band?
  9. What does Nick hate that his brothers do the most?
  10. What is Nick's favorite Holiday?
  11. What was Nick's most ridiculous New Year's Resolution?
  12. What superhero ability would Nick want to have?
  13. True or False: Nick can do aerials(one handed cartwheels)
  14. Nick did Broadway before starting JB, what disney movie did he do on Broadway?
  15. True or False: Nick was diagnosed with Diabetes in 2005.
  16. What did Nick say about playing Guitar Hero?
  17. What animal does Nick dislike?
  18. Where was Nick's first trip out of the U.S.?
  19. Who is Nick's favorite SuperHero?
  20. What year can Nick run for president?
  21. What is his Horoscope sign?
  22. What is his Chinese Zodiac?

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