A Total Drama Island Quiz

We all know that Total Drama Island is a wonderful show. We all know there will be season two, Total Drama Action. P.S. Don't post chain mail comments. It's starting to fricken' annoy me! Gaaah! :) :)

Take the quiz. Take the quiz. Take the quiz. Take the quiz. Take the quiz. Take the quiz. Okay, just please take the quiz and comment and rate and everything! I'm begging you. AND NO CHAIN MAIL.

Created by: Aaron
  1. Who was the last girl voted off the Killer Bass?
  2. Who was voted off in the episode Haut-Campture?
  3. Fill in the blanks. The relationship between Trent and
  4. BFFFLs Katie and
  5. Name the character with the clues given. Crazy, red-head, relationship with Owen.
  6. Black hair, pigtails, fat, Katie's BFFFL.
  7. Lindsay confused some of the camper's names. Name them as I list them. (sorta hard)LeShawna
  8. Chris
  9. Who was the first person voted off the Screaming Gophers?
  10. The show's original name before Total Drama Island was,

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