Which James Bond Are You?

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Which Bond are you? Connery? Lazenby? Moore? Dalton? Brosnan? Craig?

Don't take this quiz too seriously. Unless you actually are Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Tim Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, or Dan Craig.

Created by: Eric McCauley
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  1. What is your weapon of choice?
  2. How tall are you?
  3. What color is your hair?
  4. What is your drink of choice?
  5. What kind of car are you driving?
  6. When going on vacation, I make sure to have this embarrassing piece of clothing:
  7. Women should be treated...
  8. If I had to be described in one word, it would be:
  9. When it comes down to me and a villain, I usually...
  10. Have you ever been fired?
  11. My boss is-
  12. Do you smoke?
  13. Which of these countries would you want to go to the most?
  14. If you had to kill an enemy, it would be best to:
  15. When firing a gun, you choose to:
  16. Have you ever been in a committed relationship?
  17. How do you get out of a sticky situation?
  18. How much do you like to work with Felix Leiter?

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