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  • it doesn't work...

    Endergal Dec 3 '14, 10:38AM
  • Omg I'm house!?! I really really love him. Haha love you house. Awesome quiz, just awesome.

    Jenny101 Aug 13 '14, 1:15PM
  • I got Foreman, Awsome!

    icinoddness Feb 7 '12, 1:09AM
  • I'm the snarky b------ Dr. Gregory House. I reality i'll be the 7th generation of neurosurgeon on my family legacy and i am only 15 goin to be 16 and im already schedule to take the MCAT next week Yay I cant wait

    Pretender Mar 27 '11, 1:21AM
  • I'm Dr. James Wilson! YAY! I love Wilson. :) He's so loveable and awesome! I'm totally like him. x) I'm like House's only true best friend, which I am to alot of people. And I can be nice, but I'm a House under the surface, so watch out. I don't mind the gay rumours. Only Me and House know the truth. lol. And I got Foreman as a close second! WOOT!!! :D

    ClarinetsRock Dec 22 '10, 12:53AM
  • ^^ House, naturally.

    Gay? Off-subject, inaccurate. ^^

    Da*n, my leg hurts - I'm not kidding, my knees, ankles and feet will often pain me for no apparent reason.

    ...espec ially the right knee that I cracked in late June, and various parts of my left foot that feel like I am being stabbed with a splinter - of bone perhaps? O_O

    demonasakuun Nov 26 '10, 10:46AM
  • Ok, Chase might be supremegahot and have an accent to die for, but he kissed a nine-yr old with leukemia. Am I the only person who finds that kind of disturbing?!

    bigbunnyfan Aug 30 '10, 2:33PM
  • im house come on im more like cuddy this aint right come on well house is 1 older and smarter 2 hes more better of an actor lisa cuddy she is smart cute skinny but pein its your choice to b annoying im happy i guess:)))^^^

    cuddy Jul 24 '10, 1:55PM
  • ha lol house of course... ive been called house by many...strange how much we take in2 these personality quizzes and expect one answer but get something completely different ha... ironic or something like that... now wheres my drink?

    lepisara19 Apr 10 '10, 1:30AM
  • EW I'M CUDDY I wanted to be House! D:

    Carri04 Jan 19 '10, 10:06PM
  • FOREMAN!!!Yes! Actually I like Foreman just as House.

    IrisIce Nov 17 '09, 10:32AM
  • Heh...I got House.

    Lloyd Sep 5 '09, 10:32PM
  • YAY! I'm Lisa Cuddy! My fav charactor! She belongs with house! Huddy all the way!

    HappyPrplBunnies Jul 6 '09, 1:41AM
  • I'm Chase ? ROFLMFAO . xD

    Christabelle Jun 27 '09, 10:50PM
  • i got HOUSE!!

    thats good and bad

    bad because he can be an ass

    good because hes a genius

    KamiV May 16 '09, 11:56PM
  • I am like Dr. James Wilson and the funny thing is my name is James.

    King Ranik May 13 '09, 11:01AM
  • Jesus!!! *Please forgive me , Jesus*
    I can't believe it. I am either Foreman or Wilson.
    Holy hell that's insane. Even though the personality is still a lot like me.

    vgdsgvdfs Apr 23 '09, 1:49PM
  • Wow...I even re-took the test and I am STILL Foreman.
    I will take it a third time.

    vgdsgvdfs Apr 23 '09, 1:46PM
  • Man i got Foreman i dont really like him...Would of given test 10 but my results made me unhappy lol

    KamiV Apr 7 '09, 4:09PM
  • What a shock! (Note the voice dripping with sarcasm) I'm most like Dr. Gregory House, not at all like Dr. Lisa Cuddy.

    MaggiErisian Mar 26 '09, 10:03PM
  • I'm House. I actually DO like annoying my teachers.

    Princess_L Feb 28 '09, 8:32PM
  • I got house too, and thats because I manipulated the result, like you all did, but you guys like to convice yoursefls that you're like ur favorite character so go on hahahhaha just stupid =P

    Jerk1919 Feb 20 '09, 9:20PM

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