which hottie will you love (part 9)

if you havent taken parts 1-8 then you will have no idea whats going on. so if you havent taken them then go back right now and find them take them then come back. but if you have then go on ahead and take my awesometastical quiz

guys: tyler-red hair and brown eyes. nick-brown hair and brown eyes. josh-blond hair and blue eyes. jacoby-black hair sweep over one eye and has green eyes. seth-muscular with blond hair and brown eyes.

Created by: Destinee

  1. you get up and head to the garden. who do you hope it will be
  2. you open the door and see jacoby sitting on the bench. he see's you and gives you a slow,passionate kiss.
  3. you pulls you to the bench and says i guess you want to know why your here. yea that would be nice you say. well i write alot of poetry most of it is about you.
  4. i decided to give you one i want you to tell me what you think.
  5. he hands you the paper and you begin to read: her eyes so true, her hair so soft, when im with her i feel like two halfs put together as one. you finish reading and look up at jacoby. he has an eager look on his his face,"well how was it"?
  6. you say it was amazing (even if you hated it). he smiles, then you look up at the sky. there's a full moon out. you turn back to jacoby and smile at him. he begins to lean in...
  7. he leans in closer and you two kiss. your getting really into it but then he pulls away.
  8. you get up and say that your going to bed. but before you leave he asks you to go out with him
  9. you say yes and go to sleep.
  10. as you dream you see your best friend, Lauren. the one you were with the day the guys took you
  11. she looks really afraid and then she says,"______ please help me." then suddenly conner and 3 other guys appear behind her.
  12. suddenly you wake you dazed and confused. you look around and see a note.
  14. who do you love

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Quiz topic: Which hottie will I love (part 9)