which hottie will you love (part 5)

you meet the new boy for real this time and i would like to thank you for all the support cuz with out you i would have stopped at the very first one. anyway enjoy

guys: tyler-red hair and brown eyes. josh-blond hair and blue eyes. nick-brown hair and brown eyes. seth-musceles and blond hair and brown eyes. jacoby-black hair over one eye and has green eyes

Created by: Destinee

  1. you start eating your breakfest when josh asks you "do you want to go out with me tonight?"
  2. all the boys are staring at you for your anwser you say yes. then nick gets up gives you a quiz kiss and says he has to go to guitar practice and leaves
  3. you ask josh were you are going he tells you its a surprise and walks away. as you eat your breakfest all the boys leave exept tyler
  4. you and tyler start talking and you realize he is a really nice guy. you stand up and say you are going to go fix yourself up. tyler stands up and says you look perfect already gives you a quiz kiss and walks away
  5. you walk to your room when you see someone one standing by your door. its conner you scream and all the boys come running but conner pulls out a gun. he tells you to come with him or all the guys will die. you agree and as you and conner start walking seth,josh,tyler,and jacoby tackle conner to the ground
  6. they attacked conner so suddenly that conner drops the gun. you check the gun and see that it doesnt even have any bullets. you go throw it away but you black out
  7. you wake up with all the boys standing over you. (you pased out for a long time cuz nick is back)they ask if your ok. you say you are ok and josh asks you if you still want to go out
  8. you say ok and he tells you to put something fancy on cuz your going to La Franca (the most expensive,fancest place on earth)what do you wear
  9. you meet josh at the door whatever you wore he says you look hot and you get in his car and go to La Franca
  10. you eat and talk. but the fairytale (or nightmare) had to end you go back to the mansion he kisses you goodnight.
  11. you walk back to your room but jacoby grabs your hand and takes you to a room...
  12. who do you love

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Quiz topic: Which hottie will I love (part 5)