which hottie will you love (part 6)

if you havent taken parts 1-5 you will have no idea whats going on so go search it up and then come back but if you have taken them the go ahead and take the quiz

guys:tyler-red hair and brown eyes. josh-blond hair and blue eyes. nick- brown hair and brown eyes. jacoby-black hair sweep over one eye and green eyes. seth- musceles and blond hair and brown eyes

Created by: Destinee

  1. jacoby takes your hand and takes you to a room you have never seen before. he tells you to close your eyes and you two walk into the unknown room. finally he tells you to open you eyes. when you open them you see a beautiful garden that looks fresh and new. he tells you that he has been coming here everyday and that every flower in here is every minute he has spend thinking of you.
  2. you tell him its amazing and he takes you hand and shows you around. finally you sit on a bench and stare up at the stars you turn to look at him and see him looking at you. you two kiss for along time. finally you pull away and tell him that its late and you need to go to bed
  3. you wake up in the middle of the night at 4:00. you had a nightmare all of the guys were gone and conner was coming. then you hear something its seth.
  4. strange you get up and follow him to the art room. he begins painting a half finished painting that looks kinda like you.you ask him what he is doing he turns around so fastthat he nearly ruins the painting. he looks kinda embarest. you think
  5. "______ um hi. i guess you already saw the picture huh?" yea its really good you say. thanks so do you want to see it im almost done. sure you say and when you look at it you realize it really good
  6. you two talk for a long time then you realize its 7:00 you both head down to breakfest. only nick is there you tell him hello and get your breakfest
  7. you sit by nick and he asks you how you date went. you want to say
  8. you say that you had a great time and that time tyler walked in he tells you good morning and plops down right beside you and gives you a quick kiss on the check. nick looks slightly annoyed
  9. you finish your breakfest and nick takes your hand and leads you to his room. he takes out his guitar and says that he wrote this while he was at guitar practice yesterday. its even better than the first one he wrote for you
  10. you kiss nick but it doesnt stop there you end up making out you end up on top of him. but a sudden knock on the door makes you two stop.
  11. well thats the end of part 6
  12. who do you love
  13. please comment if you think i need to add something. like a date with tyler of something

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Quiz topic: Which hottie will I love (part 6)