which hottie will you love (part 12)

ok sorry it took so long but i just never got around to makeing the quiz but its out now. YYYYYEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! thanx to all the kpeople that have been with me from the begining and thanx for all the comments guys

guys: tyler-troublemaker red hair and brown eyes. josh-funny talkative blond hair blue eyes. nick-shy brown hair blue eyes. jacoby-emoish black hair covering one eye green eyes. seth-athletic muscular blond hair brown eyes

Created by: Destinee

  1. you excuse yourself from jacoby and run after nick. you call him but he just ignores you and walks into his room.
  2. you open the door to his room and see him lying on his bed with his back to you. you sit on the ledge of his bed and ask him if he's ok. he sighs and turns to you, but instead of talking he kisses you. then he pulls away and looks into your eyes the he gets up and leaves
  3. confused you walk back to your room. you look at your clock and see that its 11:37. your about to fall asleep when tyler walks in you talk for awhile. then he stars kissing you unable to resist you kiss him back
  4. you wake up with tyler kissing you eyelid. you sit up and ask him what happened. he laughs and says maybe this will jog your memorie and he stars making out with you. then josh walks in.
  5. josh says "how can you two kiss this early in the morning" then he grabs your hand and takes you outside. he tells toy get on the motorcycle and hold on tight.you do and he takes you to a beautiful meadow with a stream flowing in it.
  6. you sit and put your feet in the water you and josh are talkin the he stars making out with you. your like that for a long time but then you have to go back for lunch
  7. after lunch jacoby grabs your hand and pulls you into his room. and he asks you where you want to go for your date
  8. after lunch jacoby grabs your hand and pulls you into his room. and he asks you where you want to go for your date
  9. you decide to go to the park for a picnic at 8:00
  10. you walk back to your room and see nick.before you can say anything he says. "____ im sorry about my rude behovior yesterday its just that i really like you."
  11. he give you a quick kiss then leaves you look at the clock and see that its already 7:25. you put on a pink shirt with a lime green undershirt a mini black leather jacket and faded blue jeans. when you get to the door jacoby's eyes nearly pop out of his head
  12. your at the park talkin and havin a great time. then you and jacoby start making out
  13. (sorry its rushed but i got to go somewhere) but it had to end and you go home and fall asleep.
  14. end of part 12
  15. who do you love

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Quiz topic: Which hottie will I love (part 12)