Which Home Improvement character are you?

Home Improvement is one of my favorite comedy shows. It lasted from 1991 to 1999. Its about a dad (Tim Allen) to three boys and husband to his loving wife Jill Taylor. He and his best friend Al host a low-rated cable show called Tool Time along with the Tool Time girl, Heidi.

So are you ready to find out which character you are most like? Tim, the clutz? Jill, wife and mother. Either of the three boys, Brad, Randy or Mark? Heidi, who is all about good looks, or Al, who is like a sidekick to Tim Taylor, or Wilson, the Taylor's neighbor who is always willing to help them with their problems and knows maybe a bit too much about different cultures? Get ready to find out.

Created by: Ana
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Out of these, which is most important to you?
  2. Which word appeals to you the most?
  3. How would you greet someone?
  4. What is your favorite sport?
  5. If you see something broken in the home, such as a dishwasher, what do you do?
  6. Pick one.
  7. What do you do after school or work?
  8. Out of the following, what music would you choose to listen to?
  9. Out of the following, which movie would you most likely watch?
  10. Out of the following, which food would you choose?
  11. What do you do if you find out you just failed a huge test?
  12. Do you see the glass half-empty or half full?
  13. Truth or Dare?
  14. Do you believe in aliens?
  15. Did you like this quiz? Please comment and tell me if you even like the show or not. (no effect)

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Quiz topic: Which Home Improvement character am I?