Does My Husband Still Love Me?

With so many different levels to love sometimes it can feel like you've fallen out of it. Marriage is not always the easiest thing to master. A lasting relationship takes not only a good wife but a loving husband.

Find out if your husband still loves YOU! Whether you already know the answer and just wanna do it for laughs or are genuinely concerned this quiz will be perfect for you!

Created by: Zhane Payan
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  1. You are well into cooking dinner when you realize that you are missing a key ingredient, so your husband:
  2. You hint that you want to have some sexy time, your husband:
  3. On special occasions your husband:
  4. Aunt Flo comes to visit a little early and you have no tampons, pads, NOTHING! your husband will:
  5. How often does your husband call or text you in a day?
  6. Do you think your husband still loves you?
  7. When you and your husband fight how do makeups go?
  8. It's a day off that you plan to use for chores, your husband will use this day to:
  9. Your husband's family doesn't like you, and talks bad about you behind your back, what is his response?
  10. How often does your husband say "I love you."

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