How well do you know Home Improvement?

Remember that long-running show in the 90's with Tim Allen? I hope so. This is the official Home Improvement quiz. It's not too hard but I really hope you will find it enjoyable. This is my favorite show ever and I hope there's someone out there who still loves it too!!!

So do you think you know Home Improvement? Maybe even you have just watched it before? That's all right. Try this quiz that I made. Be sure to tell me what you think and post a comment. Even if you hated I still want to know. But please, by all means let me know if you've watched it before and liked it. Have fun!

Created by: ennahakkeber13
  1. What are the first names of the three Taylor boys?
  2. Tim Taylor and his co-worker host a low-rated cable t.v. show called what?
  3. Which out of the three Taylor boys have vision problems?
  4. In the eighth season of the show Randy goes out of the country for an environmental cause. Where does he go?
  5. What sport is Brad the best at and eventually wins a scholarship for?
  6. What is the name of Tim's brother whom comes to live with the Taylor's after being divorced in the later seasons?
  7. What are the names of Tim's two nieces?
  8. In the fifth season Randy is diagnosed with what disease?
  9. What is the full name of the Taylor's next door neighbor?
  10. Jill Taylor goes back to school to study for what occupation?
  11. Tim's co-host Al Borland is well know for wearing what type of clothes?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Home Improvement?