Which guy will you love?part 6

Who will you choose?what will Ryan do next?! Which guy will steal your heart? Choosing between 4 awesome guys has got to b hard! I dnt know what else to say haha love you guys :D

Which shall you choose??? The gorgeous Adrian? The cutie Mark? The hottie Chad? The sweetie Dillan? Who knows who you'll pick!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Haha good luck!

Created by: TatiJudith3
  1. You wake up and images of last night flash into your head. Going down for breakfast you notice that again the guys aren't down there. After eating you decide to embrace this fine day and take a walk in the woods. You follow a path that leads to a small stream where you encounter a guy tossing stones into the water
  2. He isn't facing you so you see he has dark brown hair(darker than Adrians) and has a couple small scars on his arms. You try to get a better look but you trip over a root and tumble right into him! He gets up and his hazel eyes are filled with surprise. As he helps you up he asks "Are you okay?" and you reply that your fine.
  3. You tell him your name and ask what he's doing here."Oh..I...um just love exploring the forest and came here to rest yea" he said abit nervously. He seems suspictious so you say "okay well I guess I'll see you later" as you start to head back. Then he grabs your arm and says "wait! You coming with ---" and gets cut off by...
  4. All the guys come behind you and an awkward tension flows thru the air. You look at Mr. Watshisface curiously when a scary sick grin spreads across his face. His eyes grow hard and gleam with cruelty.
  5. Then everyone snaps! Adrian, Chad, and Dillan leap at Mr.Watshisface! He shoves you away hard which causes you to fall into the stream! Mark helps you up and hands you a towel as the others fight and now they all hav sticks! "what are you guys doing?!" you ask utterly confused. Mark replys saying" That's RYAN! He was trying to kidnap you!"
  6. "We were setting up security cameras this morning and when I plugged them in we couldn't find you and saw you go into the woods alone" Mark says making everything make more sence. You guys stay and watch the fight where Chad and Adrian take Ryan down while Dillan sits on him and hand cuffs him. Mark calls the cops as you all head back keeping a safe distance from Ryan as they guard him.
  7. After the police take him away you notice it over-all was a hell of a fight cuz the guys are all cut and bruised. When you all get inside you and Mark bandage up your champions lol. Chad tells the guys what happened last night so everyone is relieved it's over. It's just about 12:45 so you rush upstairs to get ready!(Knowing Chad this date'll be water related)
  8. You walk down stairs and on top of ur swimsuit of choice ur wearing an adorable cover-up wrap dress and flip-flops. Chads eyes nearly pop out of his head and you giggle as he scoops you up in his tan muscled arms. He carries you down to the beach, sets you on the back of a jetski and take off with you holding onto him tight.
  9. The water grows shallow so Chad parks it and you too swim over where the wate leads to a small pool. The water is warm and soothing with a small waterfall. You and Chad sit down in the middle and the water comes up comfortably high. Chad says it's fresh water as he comes behind you kissing your neck and offers a massage that you happily agree to.
  10. All your troubles leave your mind the massage was rly good! You and Chad get in a splash fight that result with you and him making out against a rock. Running your hand through his abs he says" I dropped a tear in the ocean and the day I find it is the day I stop loving you". As you guys start talking you learn that Chad know how to play like every sport!! He brings you home on the jetski and you go up to ur room to change.
  11. When ur done changing you notice a cd on ur dresser it says"A list of songs for my special girl by Dillan". You listen to it on your computer and find out their all literally sung and played by him! Their amazing and you listen over and over again.
  12. Your thoughts wander to this morning and think of what couldve happened this morning if the guys hadn't come. Then u imagined him taking you beating you and even worse! You practically start crying at the very thought of it then Adrian walked in.
  13. "Are you okay love?" he says sitting next to you on ur bed holding your head. You say your fine just thinking about what could've happened earlier. Adrian brings you close bouring his gentle green eyes into yours and says softly "I won't let anyone hurt you, especially him I promise you that". He kisses you and you run your hands through his hair bringing him on top of you and you guys make out passionately
  14. You stop and ask why Ryan was acting so nice at first and Adrian answers saying" He was always like that tricking people into trusting him but they always get hurt". You two lay next to eachother and talk for a while and find out that Adrian's dad is the one who taught him to use a sword. You thank him for helping save you and he replies "Well Im always ready to save my damsel in distress" with a wink and right when he's about to leave Dillans at the door.
  15. Dillan asks you to come with him but before you leave Adrian stops you and asks if he can see your locket for a little bit and you hand it to him. You and Dillan hold hands walking though the hallways and he says"Haha it's almost impossible to get you to my self, although a pretty girl like you is absolutely worth it" smiling at you.
  16. You guys go to his room and watch a scary movie. He chuckles when you jump and holds you when you get scared. You snuggle close and he kisses your nose which you return with a kiss on the lips
  17. The movie ends and Dillan pulls you on his lap and looks at you with his icey cool blue eyes and says " I wish I was one of your tears, so I can be born in your eyes, live on your cheek and die on your lips" softly making you practically melt
  18. You two start making out heatedly until Mark walks in with a flash of hurt in his eyes that disappeared quickly "Hey ____ I gotta talk to you" he says. As you get up to leave Dillan grabs your hand and says "We're not finished" with a wink and you leave
  19. Mark walks you to your room and hands you a book."These are all the poem I've ever written, I hope you like them" he says with a meek smile. You give him and a good night kiss and tell him you love it. Mark leaves and you flip through it on your bed. These poems are great! You keep flipping and find the poem he wrote for you and it had a pressed rose on the page. You fall asleep reading , what do you dream about?
  20. Too bad you didn't dream of any of these things and you wake up screaming your head off!!!!!
  21. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!LOV U GUYS!!!!!!!!!COMMENT + RATE=HAPPY :)!!!!!!Who are you loving?

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Quiz topic: Which guy will I love?part 6