Which guy is your dream guy?Part 13

This is my 13th quiz for this series.I hope it's a lucky one,You know,the 13th?Oh btw,Nick has curly brown hair and greenish blue eyes.I really hope you don't like him,cuz hes evil.


Created by: MayRose

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  1. You slowly drift back to consiousness.You feel your head throbbing.You bring your hand to your head,but you see that your hands are tied up.AGAIN.You see that your feet weren't tied up. Suddenly,memories of what had happened come flooding back.You remembered everything that happened with Nick,and what he had done to Austin.
  2. You remember that you aren't alone."Hello?"You yell."Well hello there _____.Seems that you have finally woken up."Nick steps out of a corner that was covered in darkness.You shiver."Why are you here!Heathe is in jail,didn't ya here?"You yell angrily at him."Well,I was always jealous of my boss.You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.I'm glad that Heathe is in jail.Now he can't order me around."He says,looking at you admiringly.You see this and shiver.He steps forward again."IF YOU COME ANY CLOSER I PROMISE THAT ONCE I GET OUT OF HERE,YOU WILL REGRET WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!"You scream at him."Feisty today aren't we?"He says sitting next to you.You glare at him,and turn around."No,you aren't getting away."He says,grinning at you.
  3. He forces your face to turn,so you're looking at him,You quickly look away."How about you stay away from me,and when this is all over,I won't pound your face in."You say."How about,You look at me or I shoot your leg with this gun!"He yells,pulling out a gun from his very deep jean pocket.You do what he says and look at him."Much better,now right now how about you eat the dinner I made you.Can't having you starve can I?"He says.He hands you a tray.The food on the tray is so sloppily made."Nice job on the food."You mumble,"WHAT was that?"He says,glaring you down."Oh nothing,"You say,sarcastically.You see Nick standing up,walking away,than suddenly running back and slapping your face!
  4. You look at him,and he suddenly kisses you.You are suddenly filled with anger,you can feel your face turning red.manage to kick his gut.He calls you a name while he doubles over in pain.You forget that your hands are tied,but you dont care.You manage stand up with some effort.You slip the rope that ties your hand.But you are filled with anger from Nick's unwanted surprise kiss.You karate kick Nick,and he groans.You start punching,making his nose bleed.You are definitly making him wish that he didn't kidnap you.When you are finished with him,You leave him with a broken arm,and bruises and cuts every.And i'm pretty sure,his nose is broken.
  5. You make your way to the exit.Once you reach the exit,you run for your life.You know that Nick may possibly have 'friends' that have been guarding the exit of the cave.You find your way to the first town that you've seen since you were taken.You immediatly recognize the French resteraunt where Austin had taken you.You remember the way back to the house.
  6. Once you are in sight of the house,you make a dash for the house.You barge in through the door and scream"I'M BACK!I'M BACK!"You look around.Nobody's there.They must've been out looking for you.You write a quick note explaining everything,lock the door,and go to your room to go to sleep.You hadn't realized it,but you were exhausted.You locked the door to your room.
  7. Once you wake up you feel like a load has been lifted of your shoulder.You unlock your door and go downstairs.The guys have not come back yet.You decide to hide until they came back,and surprise them.You look for about 5 minutes for a good hiding place.20 minutes later the guys come home.You are hiding under a pile of blankets,but made a little hole big enough for you to see outside.They all look depressed.They sit down and begin to discuss where you might be.You hid the note,so they don't know anything.You begin to get bored,so you take a rock and lightly throw it to a window,making a noise that alerts the guys."What the heck was that!"Andrew yells.The guys all get to the sorce if the noise was-right in front of you.They slowly take off the blanketsmbut before they saw you,you jumped out at them and yelled "RAWR!!!"
  8. They all scream and hit the floor.Well,everyone except Royce,who accidently puches you in the head.You fly to the across the room,and hit your head on a lamp.You fight of the urge to blackout and win.They guys all go to your side and help you up.Royce immediatly apologizes,and then everyone cracks up.Austin gets up and brings you an ice pack,and they all ask you what happened as you hold the ice pack to your head."Do I have to!It was horrible!I never want to relive that again!"You say closing your eyes."____ you're gonna have to say it sooner or later,i'm sorry that it's me thats supposed to say this,but it's true."Blaze says.You shiver and explain what happened."He kissed me."You say covering your eyes with your hands after you said that.The guys all went silent.Zack suddenly broke the silence."IM GONNA KILL THAT FOOL!"He yelled."I think I beat ya to it Zack."You say."He's in that horrible house of his,probably with a broken arm and nose.But be my guest,if you see him PLEASE teach him a lesson!"You say.The guys all agree,and say that they'll take you with them,and go on a search for Nick so they could kill him.
  9. They all give you a hug,and you realize that it's almost 10 Pm.They each give you an individual kiss on the cheek as they each get to their room.You walk up to your room,and go to sleep.
  10. Okay,who do you love?

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Quiz topic: Which guy is my dream guy?Part 13