Which girl will you choose part 1

Your standing in frount of a mansion wi 4 girls in waiting for you... Katrina - an intelligent girl Chloe - a smart girl Pip - a athletic girl Lucy - a musician

You must pick one out of the four in two weeks to become your girlfriend... Who will you choose, how many adventures will you have, Will you pick none of them... All those questions you can answer

Created by: Jackson
  1. Your in frount of a huge mansion And 4 girls stand in frount of you "You will need to choose one of us in 2 weeks to be your girlfriend" So which one do you think you will pick (Let's see if your right)
  2. The 5 of you head outside and Lucy comes up to talk to you "hi do you want to go out tonight some where?" Asked Lucy "sure why not" you respond And you think
  3. After your chat with Lucy, Katrina came along and asked if he wanted to go out tonight? You say
  4. You go to a pizza place that you've been to before... You hated it there, but she really likes it. You say
  5. After dinner you talk about your likes and dislikes you become really good friends and she leans into kiss you Your thinking
  6. It was a short kiss because you pulled away... Why did you pull away
  7. You walk home and when you get home she goes right to bed without saying good night... You think
  8. You see one of the girls is on the couch watching television I go over to see her but it's none of the girls at the mansion. Who do you love so far
  9. You go to her and she introduces herself to me "hi I'm Bella I will be staying at the mansion now" she has the most beautiful blue eyes like diamonds and light brown hair she is into art and animals. She is the prettiest out of the 5 and you need to get to know her "tomorrow lunch with me" you ask "sure" i couldn't help myself, I had to... I leaned in and kissed her.
  10. At breakfast only Bella, Pip, and Lucy Who do you sit next to?
  11. Katrina comes and sits on the other side to you and asked so what about lunch today? You say
  12. So now who do you love

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Quiz topic: Which girl will I choose part 1