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  • Your Result: Satan!!

    Youre are a badass leader that couldnt care less about other people. What makes your life is your unending brutality and harshness. You couldnt give a crap about anyone but you are very strong.

    Though I hardly fancy myself Satanic, looking at the other results, I'm going to call this a win.

    E Lunatic
  • I got Adolf Hitler, I was asked to take this test because I started yelling at someone about immigrants, and I also have the same birthday as Hitler... Well Fu(k

  • Your Result: George W Bush

    You are a very choosey person. You will try to take the lesser of two evils most of the time and do good whenever you can. Good Job!

    So I'm basically Bush Jr

  • What the hell? George Bush? I hate that guy! And I am not choosy.

    I give this dumb quiz TWO stars, and that's being generous.

    It was a nice quiz, but the results were stupid.


    I like music
  • How did I get Benito Mussolini?!? -_- I like dat pasta is all I can say... Well, I don't like the spotlight, that's one thing.

    Mr Sark

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