Which Face of Chris Farley are You?

So you're a Farley Fanatic. Well come on down and test your knowledge and see which of the four Farley's you really are. It's a great thing to brag to your friends and fellow SNL watchers about who you are on the many faces of Chris Farley quiz.

Fans of Farley are welcome. Come inside to see which Chis Farley character you are most like. It's fun and a great memoriam to one of SNL's lost sons.

Created by: otis
  1. What is your favorite past-time?
  2. which do you worship?
  3. Which do you hate the most?
  4. Michael Jordan is...?
  5. In my spare time I...?
  6. Finish this..."everything is doing fine down here in...?
  7. Which came first?
  8. I Love...?
  9. My family consists of...?
  10. My favorite line is...?
  11. I live in...?
  12. What do I wear...?

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Quiz topic: Which Face of Chris Farley am I?