Which one of our friends are you?

Which one of our friends are you? They come in all shapes and sizes, from the rich to the very poor, to the short to the very tall. Which one do reckon you are? You will find out in this quiz. From the creators of quizzes worldwide

Don't you want to see whether you are matt or alex, chris or liam, wylie or owain. Who knows? You decide! I'm going to go now goodbye. which one do you want to be? Find out who you really are.

Created by: pez

  1. Do you have a wiggly mouth?
  2. Have you ever been caught in a swimming pool crying "Oh Russel!"
  3. Have you done your homework?
  4. Do you talk like a 14th century gentleman?
  5. Wylie.
  6. Are you enjoying this quiz?
  7. Why did you take this quiz?
  8. What will you do when this quiz is over?
  9. Are you happy?
  10. If you were trapped in a box what would you do?
  11. If you found out your brother was gay what would you do?
  12. Sex?
  13. Do you like James?
  14. Goodbye.

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Quiz topic: Which one of our friends am I?