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  • You are a Shadow Queen

    You are a great friend and ally. You are always depended upon by your closest friends. You're prone to boredom, lack of direction, depression and complacency. Your love is real and true, though outwardly contrary. Your military-like-mind is powerful and cunning. You are a great ally, but pick your battles wisely

    yeah... im always misunderstood and taken for granted. no one really appreciates my company... i never know why though... at least i have like 10 friends, not BEST friends, just friends. my crush is one of my friends and im confused because i dont know if he knows i like him or not... i mean, whenever im sad or depressed, every one asks me whats wrong and in my head im like "it's not like you'd actually care. all you want is another story to spread around the entire school about this freaky emo (i am not emo) girl that has major break-downs every week."

  • You are a Water Queen

    resultYou are very approachable and charismatic. You work well with others. Emotion and wisdom empower you. You are the nurtering type. Like a hurricane, your emotions can be your greatest power or your greatest weakness.

    cool! nice quiz

    Yumi is cool
  • Shadow queen,eh somewhat true as I am quite the mysterious loner along with being interested in the dark arts magic and paranormal activity but I don't like many people I'd rather be a loner. Cool quiz anyways.

  • You know me so well. Ice Queen that's me. People say i'm unapproachable but my close friends really know me :D they trust me with anything literally

  • I'm a nice Queen, but my shadow Queen score was super close behind, so I think of myself as both ice and Shadow.

    Pyramid Queen
  • Water queen- I kinda guess that's true...

  • Shadow Queen. This might ne a coincidence, but in a fan fic my friend is writing, a Shadow Queen is a villain

    Devin Calmary
  • I'm an Earth Queen, which seems pretty cool. Great quiz!

  • Ice Queen >;)


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