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  • *lays on EJ's lap nibbling on kidneys*
    EJ:*eating kidneys as well and blushing hard*
    Jeff:*walks in* god you 2 are cringey af

    *tosses my knife at Jeff and hisses* your just jealous that I love EJ more~

    EJ:*smiles, blushing more* can't deny it~
    *kisses EJ's cheek*
    EJ:*smiles brighter* heh~

    *flicks off Jeff* don't like it? then leave thot!

    EJ:*chuckles, then sighs, picks me up and walks off with me*

    Me IRL: god EJ kinky much~? XD

  • to be honest, despite the fact that he jeff is kinda creepy and insane I am too or at least that's what I'm told...heh well think he could be loved especially by someone as open-minded as me but I'm not saying he's mine or that "he will love me or spare me cuz I'm special"

  • *watches a movie with Masky and eating cheesecake*

    *BEN walks in* I ship it~
    *Masky looks at me and blushes*

    *I throw a rock at BEN and yells* BEGONE THOT!!!!!

    BEN: WTH?!?!
    Masky: I love her
    Me: I love cheesecake.,....... .and you

    That one proxie
    • my toby! lol XD :P

      bloody girl
    • Awwwwwwwww ThatOneProxy, you+masky=adorable baby!!!!!!

  • my oc
    age: ??
    gender: F
    sexuality: Pan
    species: Ax demon
    weapons: knifes, and axes

    clothing: black boots, black pants, black sports bra, and black hood

    Jill Ax Demon Ember (CP me): *sharpens ax with the blood sharpening stone of Zalgo while eating a cheesecake*

    Masky: hay um.. Jade *blushing*

    JADE: *looks at him over her left shoulder* oh hay *she says putting on her mask to hide her face* you need something?

    Masky: yes um would you like to um... go on a date? *blushing hard*

    JADE: sure *he says desummoning her ax and stone*

    *a hour later*
    *watches a movie with Masky while cuddling*
    *Jeff walks in* ugh gross
    *Masky looks at JADE and blushes*
    *she throws her ax at Jeff and yells*
    Jeff: WTH?!?!
    Masky: I love her
    JADE: I love you more
    *a few days later*
    *walking with sally, Lazari, and Masky*

    Masky: so if you don't mind me asking um... what are you hiding under your mask?

    JADE: *sighs* *takes off mask reviling a nasty scar over her right eye, her horns and tail come out, and her skin turns red*

    Sally and Lazari: *gasp* YOU LOOK AWESOME!!
    JADE: *giggles cutely* *looks at Masky*
    Masky: *is red as a apple*

    JADE: you can say anythi. *Masky grabs JADE* !!!

    Masky: *kisses JADE on the lips*
    JADE: *does not fight and kisses back*
    Sally: i ship it *smug face*
    Lazari: same

  • Which Creepypasta loves you?
    Your Result: Jeff the Killer 78%

    Me: Sup Jeff! What'dja think of Y/N? Jeff: *blushing a little* She's a freaking babe. Me: O.O WHOA THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY. Jeff: Oy Shadow, shall I go ask her out on a date? *perverted smile* Me: *rolls eyes* Sure... Jeff: *leaves* Me: Haha. He likes you a lot see?!

    Im So Scared The Way That Was Described. I Mean Jeff Is A Poor Boy Who Needs Some Love Am I Right? But The Way The Creator Described Was Kinda Weird. #GothGirls

    Horror Lives 2
  • Me: hey toby what did you get for your birthday?

    Toby: a hat, a scarf, a drawing
    Me: I also gave you a gift .... * blushes *
    Toby: Which one ?? *excited*
    Me: Hold on!
    Toby: * opens the gift * .... WAFFLES ???
    Me: * smiles *

    Toby: * sing the song of the waffles with her * YOU ARE FANTASTIC !!!!!

    Me: G-Thanks ... * blushes *

    PS: THE RESULT IS 100% Ticci Toby!! I LOVE HE SO MUCH!!

  • 5 years later

    *looks in my fridge for cheesecake while holding fries*

    Me: Ok I got my fries and the cheesecake now just my blanket

    *hears loud crash*
    Me: WHO THE f--- IS THERE?!
    Masky: Wow chill it's just me
    Me: Oh. I thought it was ben or something
    Masky: No just me

    *Masky comes over and hugs me while putting his hands over my huge stomach*

    Me: I could have it anytime you know so be careful I don't want our baby without a dad

    Masky: I know and I will tell her
    *glares at him*
    Masky: I promise

    Me: We need to finish planning the wedding and getting the nursery ready to you know

    Masky: Yeah I know

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Note from me~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Girl you need to Ben. Leave his perverted cheating ass. Sorry, my children reading this. But you do need to.

  • *sits at table eating waffles with toby* MASKY: hey bloody girl! ME: yeah? MASKY: you got toby on the quiz that you where taking. ME:..... *blushes* TICCI TOBY:* still eating waffles but heard his name* YES? MASKY and ME: nothing!

    bloody girl
  • The answer I got for Toby was this: "Me: *pokes* HEYTOBYHEYTOBYHEYTOBY! How'dja like Y/N! Toby: *blushes* She's... Okay... Me: *smirk* That's it? Toby: Shadz! Stop it... *blushes* Me: Go date her already! Do it for waffles. *puppy-dog eyes* Toby: HEHE OK!!! THANK YOU SHADOW!!!!! *jumps up and down then leaves* Me: That's my Toby!! *smiles* AWWWW HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH HE COMPARED YOU TO WAFFLES! You should be proud." So, ya... Weird. For Jeff I got this: "Me: Sup Jeff! What'dja think of Y/N? Jeff: *blushing a little* She's a freaking babe. Me: O.O WHOA THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY. Jeff: Oy Shadow, shall I go ask her out on a date? *perverted smile* Me: *rolls eyes* Sure... Jeff: *leaves* Me: Haha. He likes you a lot see?!" That scarred me because im waaaayyy younger than him.

  • I got toby he is my favorite and he is mine so back off or i slit your throat and eat all your waflles then I call up my brother and he burns you in the incinerator. heh. got a little excited there. But I'm not joking i would do that for meh toby!

  • Masky,my favorite creepypasta is actually hoodie but masky is my second favorite character. I like how he is quite the mysterious and interesting type. Cool quiz mate.

  • Just kidding, imma tell you guys a story,

    Once upon a time, bla bla bla. I'm waching She-Ra on Netflix, alone. *door opens and shuts* Me: who the flip DARES come in while i watch She-Ra?! ???:It's Toby wit Jeff. ??:*clears throat* you mean JEFF with Toby! Me: Get out meanies! *throws pillow* it'll be WORSE next time!!!!!!!!!

  • *eating waffles* Toby: You are mine. *hisses at anyone close to me* Me: Toby! *laughing, and blushing* Jeff: Ew. Toby: *runs after jeff with hatchets*

    Ember a proxy
  • Sure he gets the cheesecake :P

  • Wow, I got mostly Masky, but I thought Masky was a girl. I still love Masky the most.

  • i love this im so glad u broght in the creepypasta guys in it was funny thanks but you and be huh lol by the way make more like this it makes them fun to in joy.

  • KIDNEYS!KIDNEYS! EJ: You are the absolute best! Me: MORE KIDNEYS!!!!!!!

  • plays ds with ben ben: i won :me and ben:wheres my reward me:blushes* ben:kisses me jeff : walks in get off my girl man me:hi jeff thank u for saving me jeff:no prob babe me:kisses jeff

  • oh and masky ask me out so does he get that chesee cake becouse me and were going to share that peice even know he had a 1% chance of getting it lol

  • I got 100% Jeff the killer */////*

  • It was so good. I'm glad I got Toby he is my crush and checking the house tonight cuz if a darn CREEPYPASTA shows up I gonna die

    Cp lover
  • Yah now I'm checking my house for creepypastas tonight before bed

  • me and my cheesecake I got masky;-;

  • JEFF ISH MINEEE! *cuddles with Jeff* I Wuv you.. Jeff: Mkay, this is awkward.. *pulls out knife*

  • Me: *sitting doing homework*
    Jeff: *pops out of no where* Hey babe~
    Me: WHAT THE FU-........ oh hey Jeff


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