Which Creepypasta loves you?

Hi I'm Shadow! In this quiz I will tell you which Creepypasta will be in love with you. It features BEN, Jeff, Toby, EJ, LJ, Masky, and waffles. XD. I know there are many quizzes like this but please take it! You might like it!

Have you ever wondered, I am a huge Creepypasta fan! but I wonder which pasta would be a fan of me? Well find out here! And no I, the creator of this quiz, am NOT a fangirl! The truth is any ships is because my friend ships them really that's the truth

Created by: SupaSwag
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  1. *playing on DS* *Looks up* Huhhh ohhh... OH! Sup! I'm Shadow, and I brought the creepypastas to ask you some questions! BEN: *glued to his DS* Uhhhh huuh.... Jeff: *sharpening knives* Eeeyup. Cool. Toby: *poking Masky* EJ: *eating kidneys* LJ: *eating candy* Masky: *eating cheesecake* Me: *facepalm*
  2. So first up is BEN! *pulls BEN in front of me and takes his DS* BEN: HEY!! Ohhh well. Let's see... Do you like video games and which one is your favorite! Jeff: UUUUGHHH such an overasked question! Me: Good question BEN! Masky: GOOD QUESTION?! What's wrong with you?!
  3. *Shoves BEN* BEN: HEY THAT'S NO WAY TO TREAT YOUR BOYFR- *falls on top of a bookshelf* Me: Jeff, bro, you're next! Jeff: UGH FINE. FAVORITE COLOR AND WEAPON HAPPY NOW? BEN: Oh and so I'M the one with overasked questions? Look who's talking! Jeff: SHUT UP *bleep* Me: HEY NO CUSSING!
  4. Neeeext UP! Toby!! *gives Toby a hug* BEN: So I'M the one who's cheating on you?! Me: No Toby is like a brother to me that's different! BEN: Whatever Me: So Toby ask your question! Toby: DO YOU LIKE WAFFLES? Masky: NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  5. Oookay now it's time for... *sigh* Eyeless Jack. NO YOU CAN'T HAVE ANYONE'S FREAKING KIDNEYS. EJ: Can I have your kidneys? Me: *beats up EJ* BEN: Pffffftt lol she is fiesty
  6. Laughing Jack you're next just get on with it... LJ: HAHAHAHAHA! Do you like CANDY?! Everyone: WHYYYY
  7. Now it's my Masky's turn! BEN: YOUR MASKY?! Me: -_- He is also like a brother to me. BEN: WTF is EVERYBODY HERE like a brother to you?! Me: Yep pretty much! My closest being Toby! But anyway! Ask! Masky: What is your favorite food? Everyone but me: ARGH!
  8. Now it's my turn to ask a question! Everyone: O.O Me: *glares at everyone* However, MY question won't affect your score. Everyone: Phew! Me: Idiots. Everyone: It's gonna be the video game question. Me: Anyway, WHO WAS YOUR FAVORITE CREEPYPASTA! Everyone: Oh ok wow
  9. Everyone: BYE!
  10. Ok sorry bye again XD(sorry I thought it was 11 questions but it was 12 and I was like oh crap I just wanna finish the quiz I ran out of questions)

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