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  • I got Kludd! That's really something special.

    I am the eldest of my family. ( Only child😀) I'm also clumsy, and severally inscure, which leads to aggression.

    I don't belive that someone with nature talent deserves all the attention. ( SOREN( So I'm like Kludd.

    Also I'm mean, and a awkward young adult, so yeah,

    Kludd Rules!!!👍

    The Crow1994
  • If you think it sucks so much then rather than sitting here and complaining about it like some useless wining baby, go take it again until you get the results you want.

    Twilight The Owl
  • Eglantine,I am funny and try to be looking at the positives even in the hardest of times. I do look innocent but actually can be a fighter when messed with. Cool quiz mate.

  • i got soren. oh yeah! the only problem is this is based off the movie and there are so many problems with the movie. i

  • i got Eglantine but i am not sure thats me... i am a lot more well acording to my friends agressive than she but still a good person

  • i know how u fill shadowwolf i am not gilfy i am more like digger funny,cute,nice,and happy all the time

  • this one sucks i think that i am more like digger and not like gilfy


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