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  • Roshen Fegan. Who's that?
    Please try my new quiz "What is your body shape?!"

    ange Apr 20 '12, 5:47AM
  • Justin Bieber. Okay then. But you could've put other actors that are NOT from Disney.

    InfinityGAL Feb 25 '12, 8:31PM
  • Bella Thorne...

    flyer586 Feb 3 '12, 4:30PM
  • Debbie Ryan...eww

    melinaa Jan 22 '12, 2:23PM
  • i got mitchel musso i love him

    izme Jan 21 '12, 9:43PM
  • Denny Ryan? Was this quiz made for 6 yr olds?

    Happypants123098 Jan 20 '12, 4:16PM
  • LOL why did i get Justin Bieber???? Eh who cares i like him anyways xDD

    ConverseCutie887 Jan 15 '12, 11:09AM
  • Justin Bieber? You can't be serious...if I ever got a shot gun he'd be the first person I'd shoot. DON'T tell me I'm like Justin Bieber.

    Liv15152 Jan 14 '12, 10:23AM
  • why debby ryan? can i be some1 cooler plz?

    Love You Lots Jan 13 '12, 12:29AM
  • Cool quiz but i don't like disney at all.

    zeronightshade Jan 12 '12, 10:06PM
  • I hate how the answers only consist of Disney characters. I like how you put effort into your questions though.... Because I personally really don't like Disney at ALL.

    Kiki rocks Jan 12 '12, 9:29PM
  • To tell you the truth i dont have a clue who Justin Bebier, if that was him, id like to ki-hurt him.

    Anyways like quite afew other people herre said it'd be nice if you did something more than disney channel because we may not watch it. I personaly dont. You could have also put more of the character instead of just there name.

    Other than that this was a good quiz! :)

    Ronnie Jan 12 '12, 4:48AM
  • My Result: Selena Gomez

    LOL! I'm a Guy anyway.. cool quiz but i hate Disney

    Ps3blaze22 Jan 12 '12, 2:52AM
  • I got bradly Steven Perry Wierd cause I'm a girl

    Savannah1913 Jan 11 '12, 9:19PM
  • hate disney cool quiz

    ocean Jan 11 '12, 9:09PM
  • I Agree With Person Bellow . This Quiz Is Not Really Exciting . Not Everybody Watches Disney . Youu Could Have Put More Effort .

    D3signnFreAkk Jan 10 '12, 6:21PM
  • I think that if the people who commented actually watched Disney Channel, it would make more sense to them. (As Horseluver said)

    I personally don't, so I can't say much about this quiz. I think if the quiz made more sense to RoboticBlazeCake, maybe they would have rethought their answer. So I wouldn't really pay attention to that comment.

    Maybe to have it make more sense to people, think about including why they are like the star they are most like. (Instead of: you are just like so-and-so) So then they would get why you asked the questions, why they got that result, and maybe even learn something about the stars/disney channel.

    I know that would probably be a lot of work, but I think it would help a lot in the long run.

    That's all I have to say. I think it was an awesome quiz though, even if I didn't get it... You obviously put effort/thought into the questions. :)

    Fabulous job!

    dragontail Jan 10 '12, 4:08PM
  • Good job Sis! Dont listen to the Haterz!!!

    tabsta1 Jan 9 '12, 8:37PM
  • who is freaking Debby Ryan? If you reply then....

    IceBabe Jan 9 '12, 5:18PM
  • Who's Roshan Fagon? I apologize but I don't watch Disney channel.

    Wolfygirl Jan 9 '12, 12:24AM
  • Never heard of that guy, but, if you watch the Disney Channel I guess this quiz would be good.

    Horseluver Jan 7 '12, 11:55PM
  • who is Mitchell Musso??

    Cassaqazqaz Jan 7 '12, 10:00PM

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