which celebrity is like u?

Great Job Its great to know people are interested in finding out who this quiz finds you most alike to the celebrities that have been chosen Thank You

Its to to find out things you are curious of but if u dont like who u got its not my fault its the quizes answers that make you that person not saying its ur fault!

Created by: eMily
  1. What do you love the most out of these?
  2. Whats ur favourite food out of these?
  3. Whats the best Animal out of these 2?
  4. Whats ur favourite colour out of these?
  5. Whats your Favourite Sport?
  6. Favourite Clothing Theme?
  7. Your Favourite 2 Letters out of these?
  8. favourite eye colour?
  9. Favourite T.V Show?
  10. What 3 stars are on the new disney chanel show Prankd Stars?

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