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Everybody knows who celebrities are....... Famous people like Selena Gomez and Taylor swift and other people like them. There are 3 types of celebrities, acting celebrities, singing celebrities, and acting/singing celebrities, but do we know them really well? There is 3 things that you need to know before you go tell your friends that you know celebrities. The 3 things are who they are dating, what movie they are in, and what character they play. That can tell you what kind of celebrity they are. Like when Rob Schneider was in the movie Hot Chick. He was acting like a girl. That just tells you that he is a girl.

DO YOU REALLY REALLY KNOW CELEBRITIES?!?!?!? Well you can find out in just a few minutes if you really know celebrities. Do you got what it takes to GUESS THE CELEBRITY?!?! we will find out......soon.

Created by: James3

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  1. Which celebrity did the voice of megimind?
  2. Which group of celebrities is the icarly cast
  3. Why was Megan fox not on the newest transformers movie?
  4. Is Jerry Trainor on the show drake and Josh?
  5. Who played Timmy turner on the movie "grow up Timmy turner"?
  6. Which actor is in the movie toy story and Forrest gump
  7. On the movie bolt, who did the voice of penny?
  8. Which movie is from the director of zombie land? (HINT: the movie is in theaters.)
  9. Was Taylor launter in the movie shark boy and lava girl?
  10. Is Selena Gomez dating Justin Bieber
  11. Who plays tuti from the movie "Grow Up Timmy Turner"?

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