Which Candidate Do You Side With?

The 2016 general election could very well turn out to be a showdown between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, much to the chagrin of orthodox conservatives and diehard progressives.

If you aren't enthusiastic about either Clinton or Trump, please take this quiz to see which candidate you side with more on the issues and then consider voting for that individual.

Created by: quizaplus

  1. Should America be leading the world?
  2. Should the next president send special operations forces on the ground in Iraq and Syria?
  3. Should abortion be legal?
  4. Should America be neutral in the Israel-Palestinian conflict?
  5. What should we do to improve our healthcare system?
  6. Should we start trade wars with countries such as China and Russia?
  7. Should we allow Russia to continue expanding its ground presence in Syria?
  8. Should we get rid of lobbyists and big donors in our political system?
  9. How should the next president approach the current nuclear nonproliferation agreement with Iran?
  10. How should we approach our current immigration problem?
  11. How should the next president approach the challenges of college tuition and student debt?
  12. Is it feasible to build a wall at the border and make Mexico pay for it?
  13. How should America respond to Russia's annexation of Crimea?
  14. What should be our strategy to defeat ISIS?

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Quiz topic: Which Candidate do I Side With?