which Candidate is Right for YOU!!!

Are you confused on who to vote? Agree on something about a candidate, but are still not sure? Well then you are lucky, because you got a quiz to help you pick the right candidate for you.

A quiz that will help you to show the way to right president of the America. This year the decision is in your hands America. Please make a choice of the right candidate, and don't follow someone in blind steps. Take this quiz to open your mind!!!

Created by: Moe
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  1. How long are you willing the war in Iraq last?
  2. is offshore drilling needed to end our dependence on foreign oil?
  3. Is Abortion against our values?
  4. Is Gay Marriage constitutional?
  5. what should be done about illegal immigration?
  6. Should there be a "Windfall Tax" on Oil Companies?
  7. Should Government pose restrictions on Gun Control?
  8. Should Social Security be made private?
  9. Should Health care made for everyone?
  10. how should we fund the Alternative Fuel studies?
  11. Who do you like right now?

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