Which libertarian is your best ideological match?

There are four "major" candidates in the running for the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination: Steve Kubby, George Phillies, Wayne Allyn Root, and Christine Smith. Then there's Republican Ron Paul.

This quiz looks merely at the ideological merit of each candidate, and doesn't take into account any "practical" considerations like "ability to win" or "impact on the future of the Libertarian Party." Which candidate matches you closes ideologically?

Created by: G.E. Smith of Capitalist Dove
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  1. Should the Federal Reserve System be abolished?
  2. What position most resembles your own on taxes?
  3. We should leave Iraq
  4. Given the reality of the Iraq War, it should have been funded with
  5. What statement most closely represents your views on trade?
  6. We should "allow" more immigrants into the country than are currently coming, both legally and illegally
  7. What position bests reflects your own on abortion?
  8. Gay marriage and civil unions...
  9. My feelings on the separation of church and state
  10. Should there be waiting periods for individuals to purchase guns?
  11. What should be done about foreign aid?
  12. Should we withdraw from the U.N.?
  13. The War on Drugs...

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Quiz topic: Which libertarian is my best ideological match?