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Four candidates will be on the ballot Nov. 6 to replace retiring U.S. Rep. Todd Platts, R-York County: Libertarian Mike Koffenberger of Hopewell Township, Democrat Harry Perkinson of York Township, Republican Scott Perry of Carroll Township and Independent Wayne Wolff of North Hopewell Township.

We're here to help you figure out how your views mesh with those of each candidate. In the end, we'll reveal the candidate who appears to most closely align with your views. (Note: All quizzes at GoToQuiz.com ask two standard questions, age and gender. Those answers will not influence your result.)

Created by: Ed Mahon of ydr.com
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  1. Term limits: Congressman Todd Platts frequently introduced legislation to make term limits mandatory. Those efforts failed. But Platts imposed those term limits on himself, announcing in January he would retire from Congress after his sixth term. You want a candidate who:
  2. Congressman Todd Platts made a point of refusing money from political action committees -- organizations that spend money to help elect or defeat candidates. They frequently represent businesses, industries, labor unions, trades or ideological interests. What best describes your feelings on this topic?
  3. Health care reform: You want a candidate who:
  4. For the candidates who have supported repealing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, you want one who says:
  5. What's the most important problem facing the United States?
  6. Military experience: You want a candidate who:
  7. When it comes to cutting taxes, you want a candidate who says:
  8. When it comes to cutting government, you want a candidate who says:
  9. Political background: You want a candidate who:
  10. Professional background: You want a candidate who is:

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