Which Blonde Hair Color Should You Get?

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This quiz was made only for people who are considering going blonde. Have you been thinking of going blonde, but still trying to decide which color blonde to get? Take this quiz now to find the best color blonde for you!

There are all different types of blondes, such as light blonde blonde, bleach blonde, honey blonde, dirty blonde, dark blonde, medium blonde, ash blonde. Which color fits you?

Created by: marissajsparkle
  1. How dark is your current hair color?
  2. What color is your skin?
  3. In what condition is your hair?
  4. What type of personality do you have?
  5. Which of the following hair colors do you find the LEAST appealing.
  6. What do you look for in a guy?
  7. How long is your hair?
  8. How many friends do you have.
  9. Which type of Blonde hair color are you looking for?
  10. Do you consider yourself to be attractive?

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Quiz topic: Which Blonde Hair Color should I Get?