Which BFF Will Be Your Best Friend? (Part 1)

There Are Many People Who Wishes To Have A BFF. Lots Of Them Can Be Good For You, But Some, Not Your Style, But Whats A BFF? A BFF Is A Best Friend You Really Like By Their Attitude, Or Their Style. You Never Know!

Which Of These 5 Will Be Your BFF/Best Friend? What Attitude And Style Will They Have? Until Now You Could Only Wonder...But Thanks To This Great Quiz, In A Few Minutes You'll Find Out!

Created by: Bonnreacs
  1. You Are Inside A House And Somebody Knocks On The Door. You Open The Door And There Was A Girl (Who is White And Blonde) And Greets You. "Hello, ______ My Name is Lilac". How Do You Greet Her?
  2. After You Greeted Her, The Girl Named Lilac Walked Out Of The Room. It Was Because Your Reaction Scared Her. Soon You Got On A Bus Riding To The Mall. Suddenly You Spot Lilac Again But With 2 Girls And Guys Laughing. Whats Your Reaction?
  3. When You Got Off The Bus, Lilac Introduced You Her Friends. You Decide To Say "I Would Like To Make One Of You Guys My Best Friend." "Oh Yeah? Who?" Asks A Guy Named Kevin.
  4. After The Introduction, You Hang Out With Them In Different Places. Which Place Is Your Favorite At The Mall?
  5. After The Mall, They Repeated The Introduction. The Guy With The Brown Hair Is Kevin. Hes Very Sporty. The Guy In The Red Hair Is Danny. Hes Always Bored. The Girl With Highlighted Hair Is Catherine, Shes Careable. And The Girl With The Black Hair Is--
  6. Bella. Shes Very Sweet. After The Repeated Introduction, You Arrive At A Mansion. You Get Inside And The Place Was Beautiful! Which Is Your Favorite Room?
  7. When You Had Dinner, There Was Alot Of Delicious Foods To Eat! Which One Is Your Favorite?
  8. After Dinner, Lilac Brought You To Your Own Room. It Was A Beautiful Room! What Do You Say?
  9. I Know This Has Nothing To Do With Your New BFF, But Rate This Quiz: (No Affect)
  10. Thats It For Today, People! Get Ready For Part 2 Soon!

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Quiz topic: Which BFF Will Be my Best Friend? (Part 1)