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  • No he really isn't marvel avengers assemble is bad for that as is spider man but hulk and the agents of smash will you you how smart he is barley , he's no tech genious and does get over looked but the onky reason he was the hulk was because he was a scientist.

    Spide r,an was only an avengers temporarily fighting with them after that does not make him an avenger trust me I'm obsesed with marvel no need to capitalise your thing or should I say over capitalise.

    Puppet master12
  • Hulks not dumb you do realise he's a scientist right , THOR isn't really a magic user and Spider-Man isn't really an avenger ( unless comics or something ) also the results are messed up

    River dance
  • Hulk is a dumb unless he becames to his human form.

    Spiderman IS IN THE AVENGERS.

  • What in the world I got 100% on hulk Hawkeye and iron man XD


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