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  • All yall are ISH.

  • I got Lost, none of the other bars were filled at all either.

    Ellis Redding
  • i'm going to be on a beach..the waves still the salt air scent swrirling around me..i love beaches because i was born on an island called Guam heard of it? I like music i like this quiz you put a lot of effort making this quiz haven't you? C: Great quiz..truly and gratefully :)

  • aww im going to be on a beach :)

  • whoa imma be lonly :( anyone wanna keep me company for now ;)

  • i was actually hoping for this story: im on a beach tanning and suddenly a camera crew comes with a celebrity for a some photos, but the celebrity refuses to get some photos of her so she leaves the beach. the camera crew a upset because they need those photos for a popular magazine and thats when they notice me, they see that i look like a celebrity so they take photos of me. they paste them in a magazine saying that im a celebrity. and every time i come out of my house the papparazzi is all over me! i now its freaky but i am crazy!

  • this is a stupid quiz. i hope ur next step in life is death!!! >:P


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