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  • Heph's thread
    "Azureth will be gone forever come daylight. I will reclaim my lifeblood my home of my people as i am the proven BV"
  • Heph's thread
    "I do have to fight as dawn comes u shall see the feds will be rolling and VINdicate what and whom are rightfully mine and the fakes and frau..."
  • "Not just any subscriber. Just the 1 that doesnt know how to continue without 7 6 5 3 2 1 and barely existed without 4."
  • My thread:3
    "How do i connect. where do i go from here"
  • The Black Parade.
    "Why couldnt anyone just say it? Why did i not see it? Is it too late to make it ok?"
  • My thread:3
    "Have 1 need all"
  • Sade marry me
    "So lonely so confused where are u my heart is bruised"
  • I'm Leaving GTQ.
    "I dont speak in your riddles but yes at one point i wrote lies to cover my action to keep from being yelled at. And then to leave all of you..."

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