Where will you live when you get older

There are many fun places to live but I narrowed it down to four places that I think are the best. Were you live when you get older affects what kind of family and job you get

Do you want to have a good family or job? Than this is the quiz for you, Thanks to this quiz it helps you narrow down all of those option you have to live in.

Created by: Morgan
  1. Do you like cold weather
  2. Do you like to play outside
  3. What's your favorite sport
  4. Where would you rather go
  5. Favorite animal
  6. Sorry running out of questions. Your favorite Hair color
  7. How tall do you think you are
  8. Favorite thing I named
  9. What do friends think of you?
  10. Last questions are you good with long distance relationship

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Quiz topic: Where will I live when you get older