Where Will U Live When Ur Older?

where are you destined to live when you grow up? arizona, new york, las vegas, california? take this quiz to find out! umm i dont know that else to write.. thanks for taking this!!

where do you want to live when you grow up? take this quiz to find out! umm well i have to fill up this space but i dont know what to write.. la la la la.. thanks for taking this!

Created by: Bella

  1. what is your favorite thing to do during the summer time?
  2. how would you describe your style?
  3. what kind of pet would you want to have?
  4. what do you like the temperature to be?
  5. what would you want to do on a friday night?
  6. whats your favorite name?
  7. your favorite color?
  8. do you like the beach?
  9. your favorite place to shop?
  10. your parents are letting you decide where you take your family vacation, where would you go?
  11. did you like this quiz (no effect on score)

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