Can I guess what lifestyle you live in?

I think I can guess you either live in the country, city, or suburban. Can I guess correctly with this short quiz? Who knows? Maybe I can guess your favorite color.

WELCOME TO THE CAN I GUESS WHICH LIFESTYLE YOU LIVE IN QUIZZ! (Applause) (waits for applause) (no applause) darn. Well, I hope you like this quiz I made.

Created by: Buster

  1. What keeps you up at night?
  2. LADIES! If you have a partner, how would you treat him?
  3. GENTS! If you had a partner, how would you treat her?
  4. Out of these three pets, which would you want?1
  5. Out of these three hobbies, your favorite?
  6. Your dad says do your chores. Your reaction?
  7. Knowledge? 2+2=
  8. Memes?
  9. You have been chosen to gut a fish!
  10. Ill say a word. Your opinion on hairless cats?

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