Can you guess the color?

Have you ever tried guessing colors from word descriptions before? Take this quiz to see if you'd be good at it! There are twelve possible colors. Good luck!

TIP: If you want to, feel free to keep track of the colors you've already guessed, because each color only comes up once. It will help you guess the other colors correctly.

Created by: colorquiz92

  1. The color is described as warm and balanced.
  2. This color is associated with the feminine side.
  3. This color is organic.
  4. This is a calming color.
  5. This is a happy color.
  6. This color is associated with royalty.
  7. This color feels hot in temperature.
  8. This color is simple and clean.
  9. This color is down to earth.
  10. This color is associated with death.
  11. This color is associated with maturity.
  12. This color is hard to spell.

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Quiz topic: Can I guess the color?