Colors Everywhere!

This quiz is about colors. Colors are everywhere in the world and in everything we do, consequently, you may find this quiz very easy compared to others.

Are you up to the Color challenge? This is your opportunity to be a bright light on a dark day.. the spark that lights the fire.. you get the idea. Do your best and good luck!

Created by: Elizabeth
  1. What color is the sun?
  2. What do red and blue mixed together make?
  3. What color are cherries?
  4. What is a shade of black?
  5. What color does a hero often wear?
  6. What color is Rudolph's nose?
  7. Which is better? Yellow, green, or black bananas bananas?
  8. Which will show up the most when light shines on it?
  9. What is Roy G Biv?
  10. What color of hat does Curious George's friend wear?
  11. What color is the birthstone for September?
  12. What color of cat has the most difficult time being adopted at pet shelters?

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