Where have I been?

Hello fellow people, welcome to my quiz. How well do you think you can know me?? Wanna find out take my test or not thats cool too I don't really care

Im not hard to get along with but I don't get along with people who are rude, its just who I am sorry if you don't like that, guess you shouldn't be taking my test

Created by: Redrose2
  1. Hello, if your reading this then you've selected my quiz. Now some of you guys may know who I am, so here is a question. Red or Black?
  2. Here is your 2nd question, will you get it right? guess we will find out. Nos or Monster
  3. By this point you might be wondering who I am, well where do you think you can find me on the GTQ site?
  4. What color do you think my hair is?
  5. Am I nice or mean? What do you think
  6. What do you think I like more?
  7. Okay we are on the last question, short quiz I know right. Movie question
  8. Ha just kidding.love or hate
  9. pizza or noodles
  10. vans or converse

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