What type of high school stereo type are you (for guys)

If you happened to stumble upon this test somehow it is a sophisticated measuring test that will help you find out what high school stereotype you are, this test is designed for men but if you are a girl I'm not stopping you from taking it go ahead.

So what are you, the school yard bully, the cool guy with the nice shoes, or are you the science whiz who knows everything about everything. There is only one way to find out, press start and let's go!

Created by: Nater

  1. Favorite animal
  2. Favorite color
  3. Favorite show
  4. Dream Car
  5. Favorite Blockbuster Movie Franchise
  6. Favorite Sport
  7. Pick a Superpower
  8. which girl description sounds the most attractive to you
  9. Favorite Music Genre
  10. A person mouths off to you what do you do?
  11. Favorite Drink
  12. Favorite Activity to do with friends
  13. Career
  14. Was this a stupid test that will be terribly innacurate

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Quiz topic: What type of high school stereo type am I (for guys)