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  • what has Red been doing
    [published: May 27, 2017]

    Greeting and hello, i am red and this is just a random quiz i decided to do because im bored and have no…

  • Red's Shout Out Thingy
    [published: Jan 3, 2016]

    Hey guys, this quiz for people who, well I wanna say somethings to. I hope I got all of you. I'm sorry if…

  • Do you really know games ?
    [published: Apr 4, 2015]

    Do you know my games?, know in this it will test your know hows on gaming. Do you have the game for…

  • Colors Colors Colors
    [published: Mar 22, 2015]

    Hey guys, one thing I want ALL of you to know is that I love you no matter what and that you are the…

  • Randomness quiz
    [published: Feb 19, 2015]

    I really don't know why I did this quiz I just got really bored so yea there's cammals in my mind and I can't get…

  • um...... this is going to be bad so yea here go
    [published: Feb 1, 2015]

    hey guys this is something that i did because it got hehe this is what i do when…

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  • Into The Sun
    "Rose was silent as they began to walk back to the dorms. She wasn't sure what she was supposed to do now."
  • Red's Thread
    "oh ok eh im all over the place with music, but I've been getting back in to the older music, like Elvis"
  • Red's Thread
    "That's terrible, why would you do that??"
  • Into The Sun
    "Rose smiled and headed for the door, she waved goodbye to the nurse and as walked out and waited for Erratum"
  • Red's Thread
  • Lol Im d e d
  • Into The Sun
    "Rose smiled at him "come on, its getting dark out and you look tired" she said standing in front of him"
  • Red's Thread
    "I've just been exhausted"
  • Red's Thread
    "lol I feel the same way to be honest"
  • Into The Sun
    "Rose took off the gown and folded her wings tightly to her back before putting her clothes on, she then walked out and looked at him as he k..."
  • Red's Thread
    "I don't think so either"
  • Red's Thread
    "oh lol"
  • Into The Sun
    "Rose laughed "so im going to go get dressed, ill be right back" she hurried to the backroom to change."
  • Red's Thread
  • Into The Sun
    "Rose looked at him "for staying with me" she said"

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