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  • Where have I been?
    [published: Nov 30, 2018]

    Hello fellow people, welcome to my quiz. How well do you think you can know me?? Wanna find out take my test…

  • what has Red been doing
    [published: May 27, 2017]

    Greeting and hello, i am red and this is just a random quiz i decided to do because im bored and have no…

  • Red's Shout Out Thingy
    [published: Jan 3, 2016]

    Hey guys, this quiz for people who, well I wanna say somethings to. I hope I got all of you. I'm sorry if…

  • Do you really know games ?
    [published: Apr 4, 2015]

    Do you know my games?, know in this it will test your know hows on gaming. Do you have the game for…

  • Colors Colors Colors
    [published: Mar 22, 2015]

    Hey guys, one thing I want ALL of you to know is that I love you no matter what and that you are the…

  • Randomness quiz
    [published: Feb 19, 2015]

    I really don't know why I did this quiz I just got really bored so yea there's cammals in my mind and I can't get…

  • um...... this is going to be bad so yea here go
    [published: Feb 1, 2015]

    hey guys this is something that i did because it got hehe this is what i do when…

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  • Into The Sun
    "Rose's hand shook has she started the car, taking a deep breath she backed out of the drive and headed towards the school."
  • Yo Red!
    "Dextra looked at Jackal and then Emmet. Getting the signal, Emmet left. "hey" she said to Jackal"
  • Into The Sun
    "Rose put her things in the back and climbed into the driver's seat."
  • Into The Sun
    "Rose nodded, grabbing her phone, keys, and bag she looked at him before walking out the front door and to her Jeep"
  • Yo Red!
    "Emmet looked at her and nodded "I figured she'd do that, I've never seen her so protective before, not until you came along" he said. Dextra..."
  • Into The Sun
    "Rose whipped her eyes and looked at him "a-are we g-going?" She muttered, her eyes red and puffy, eyes bloodshot."
  • Into The Sun
    "Rose rubbed her eyes "I don't know-w they said if we didn't go to the dorm tonight that they where going to kill her, my aunt" she began sob..."
  • Yo Red!
    "The pack was outside in wolf form, they all bowed there heads, not looking up. Emmet walked in and set her on her bed. He then looked at Jac..."
  • Yo Red!
    "Dextra layed there. Motionless, Emmet growled to himself and picked her up "come on, we better get her home" he said to them."
  • Yo Red!
    "Emmet put his hand out at her "stop, she hasn't clamed down yet" he said before looking back down at Dextra "You need to calm down, before y..."
  • Yo Red!
    "The smell of blood awakened something in Dextra, thorns grew from her shoulders and head, she growled in pain, Emmet snarled and attacked he..."
  • Into The Sun
    "Rose started to tremble "there going to kill her" she uttered"
  • Yo Red!
    "Dextra rolled her eyes and grew another one "hold very still my love, not matter what happens, no matter what you see, do not try to stop Em..."
  • Into The Sun
    "Rose sat on the floor, crying, she was trying to tell him what happened but she was crying so hard you could barely understand her"
  • Yo Red!
    "Dextra had too look away trying to control her self, emmet looked at his Alpha, he nudged closer letting her know that he would pounce on co..."

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