what has Red been doing

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Greeting and hello, i am red and this is just a random quiz i decided to do because im bored and have no life at the moment i hope your day has been good so far

i hope there are many people who emember me just a little and if you are new then hello im red and i hope you like this place, i know it may be confusing at times but you'll get the hang of it i promise

Created by: Redrose2
  1. Question 1: How have i been doing?
  2. Question 2: in your spare time what have u been doing?
  3. Question 3: have your favorite colors changed?
  4. Question 4: how old are am i?
  5. Question 5: are u single?
  6. Question 6: who is your closet brother atm
  7. Question 7: what time is it?
  8. Question 8: long hair or short hair
  9. Question 9: rate
  10. Question 10: comment

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