Random Stories (I was bored)

I was really bored one day, so I decided to make this quiz. Although I should really be doing my homework, I am doing this junk instead. Oh well. Hope you enjoy taking this quiz.

This quiz contains some really weird and random short stories. Some of you might find them funny, while others might not. Everyone's different. So here it is.

Created by: Mr.Anonymous
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  1. Okay guys, first things first. What's your favourite name here?
  2. Pick a place.
  3. A guy is walking down the street. Suddenly, he sees something that really catches his eye. It's a ____.
  4. 1,2,3,4,5! Once I _____.
  5. I am actually running out of questions. So, the following questions are unrelated to the topic, but count anyway. (this one too)
  6. Pick a book.
  7. The rest of these questions don't count.
  9. What does STFU stand for?

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